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This page was last updated in 1999 or so, but if you're interested in reading about our house building project read on.

We built a house on 100 acres of land we bought in 1995 in Greenfield, MA. The folks who sold us the land, the Greenfield Community College Foundation, gave us these neat ariel views of the area. We used timber off the land to build the house and are made our own lumber using our Woodmizer sawmill. Here is a page with a sequence of shots showing the progress at the house site from September 1995 to September 97. Finally, here is a list of the contractor and suppliers we are using.

It's almost finished, but it will probably be almost finished for a long time. :-)


To view the panoramic pictures (.IVR files) on these pages you need to download theRealspace Viewer plugin.

   See also non-house construction related pictures of the Westbrooks.

December 99

October 99



If that does not work for you try these: great-room, kitchen.

Putting in Gravel, Checking Grades, Helpers, Laying Pipe, etc, etc...

JPEG of above

JPEG of above


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