Westy Acres

Course Information and Rules

Course Information

Course General Rules of Play

  • Summer 2024 - 18 Hole Tournament Layout Caddie Book
  • Summer 2024 - 21 Hole Casual Layout Caddie Book
  • Areas marked by White flags or stakes are OB. Metal highway fence stakes also mark some OB.
  • Blue flags/stakes/lines mark OB only for blue tees. White flags/stakes/lines are OB for ALL tees.
  • Running water in streams/creeks/rivers is OB as per 806.02.B: "A disc is out-of-bounds if its position is clearly and completely surrounded by an out-of-bounds area", ie., surrounded by water. 
  • Pools of standing water NOT connected to running water are NOT OB and should be played as a casual area as per 806.03