Westy Acres

Lost And Found Instructions


If you find a disc toss it in a box in the welcome hut. We will collect them regularly and notify the owners.

If you receive a message that your lost disc is found you will be able to pick up your disc at Westy Acres if you follow the directions below.

  1. Contact us AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE of your arrival at Westy Acres.
  2. We will place your disc in a locker and tell you the specific locker and the combination.
  3. After taking your disc please relock the locker and scramble the combination dials.
  4. Please tell us you have retrieved your disc so we can mark it as found.

Our contact information is below.

Note that we cannot always guarantee that we will be available to return your disc. Also, without 24 hours notice there is a good chance you will not get your disc.

Contact Information

L&F email: lost@westyacres.com
Facebook: facebook.com/westyacresdiscgolf
Lost and found disc listing: lostlist.westyacres.com

Discs not claimed after 45 days will be donated or sold.